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ChrisMix Candy Chef Chris
"Excellent organic flavors to choose from and ohhhhh so very yummy!!!" -Carol K.

"It's difficult not to eat the entire package in one sitting"-Minh H.

"Chrismix bursts in your mouth like a rainbow of flavor!" -Dawn D.

 Sweet and Salty Chocolate Toffee 

Sweet and Salty
Chocolate Toffee..

Five words that go so perfectly together! We produce 12 locally sourced organically flavored butter crunch toffee varieties. This means that our treats are a softer, more savory candy than the traditional hard candy. You will not break a tooth or pull out a filling with ChrisMix! There are no artificial sweeteners or other chemical ingredients used to make our candy. ChrisMix is comprised of three layers; toffee, cracker and topped with high quality chocolate. Our handcrafted treats are prepared in small batches at an inspected commercial facility located in Concord, NH.


Each season throughout the year, two special edition flavors will become available. Seasonal flavors become available in March, May, September and December. We participate in many events throughout the year so be on the lookout!

Each seasonal organic flavor pairings are designed to be complimentary to your palate.

Be sure to try all 10 of our flavors! 

Locally sourced organic flavor
 in each bite!

Classic- Year Round

Dark and White Butterscotch Hazelnut

** contains nuts


Spring Special Editions

Chocolate Cherry and Lemon Meringue


Summer Special Editions
Blueberry Burst and Orange Dreamsicle


Autumn Special Editions

Dark Cappuccino and **Maple Vanilla

**Contains nuts


Winter Special Editions
Peppermint Stick and Cranberry Orange Spice



Our Future 
Is Bright

ChrisMix Candy LLC is a distributor and does not have a central store front. We feel to reach more people, that our brand will be most effective to be made available in every local community. New Hampshire is a great place for small local businesses to thrive! We are proud to be a NHMade member. Our connection with them has a valuable effect on our exposure to the local and out of state tourism culture here in the northeast. 

ChrisMix Candy LLC is an exclusive New Hampshire company at this point, however our future is limitless and the potential is as well!  We love to participate in many fairs and festivals throughout the state often, so look for us! The best way to truly appreciate our candy is to sample it. Click on our Events page to find out where we will be next. 

As our company looks forward we want to ensure our products remain of the highest quality as our company continues to grow. We are hopeful that you will see us in a store near you soon!

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