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We Use Organic Extracts

Crafted Recipes ChrisMix Candy
Crafted Recipes ChrisMix Candy

There are no artificial sweetners or preservatives used to make our candy. Our flavor profiles in each of the ChrisMix varieties are layered and sophisticated! The dominant flavors are derived from high quality organic extracts and emulsions and are sourced from a local company in New England. Each of our toffee varieties have an authentic flavor profile, you feel like you are biting into an actual  blueberry or raspberry or drinking fresh coffee! There is an unfolding on your palate as one experiences the toffee. You become aware of different flavors at different times as this unique candy dissolves on your tongue.

We bake a cracker in the middle of our toffee. There are a couple of reasons for this. Traditional toffee is thick and that's a lot of work for your teeth! The cracker not only thins out the layers so you won't break a tooth, your mouth won't be sore from chewing it. The natural dryness of the cracker also produces more saliva and in turn will break down the toffee more efficiently as you chew. In all, we think it's a much more enjoyable layered experience.

Every recipe contains a slight undercurrent of cayenne. This is a delightful surprise to every special edition flavor in all our toffee!  Our goal was not to make the candy taste spicy and burn your mouth. Its delicate purpose aims to only enhance the flavor combinations within each bite and to encourage a longer aftertaste. Most people only get a hint or a slight kiss of the cayenne at the very end. This unique effect is very satisfying! If you are a lover of spicy foods, you may not even notice at all. Most are aware of a warming effect in the back of the mouth and throat.

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