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Creating ChrisMix Candy

A Brief History

Lifelong Journey

A passion for creativity
About Us ChrisMix Candy

Our owner, Chris is a professionally trained chef from Johnson and Wales University and has been in the restaurant industry for 30 years. Always possessing a passion for creating fun flavor combinations, he has prepared this toffee for Thanksgiving and the holiday season for more than a decade gifting it to friends and family.

Each year he aimed to slightly alter and improve the recipe, experimenting with ratios and different flavor combinations. It wasn't until he decided to create ChrisMix Candy LLC, and discovered locally made organic extracts and emulsions, that our signature toffee really started to morph into what you taste today. Each special edition flavor is uniquely crafted and tested in our small focus groups. The feedback has been a valuable learning tool with the response being very positive and encouraging!

In 2016 Chris retired from the hospitality industry. He felt the timing was right and sensed an opportunity. Chris spent 6 months researching and working to develop each flavor profile and piecing together all the business elements. After analyzing the testing results from the different versions (and himself eating a lot of candy), ChrisMix was ready to launch at the beginning of June 2017. In the first 6 months our candy was distributed to several communities in New Hampshire! People are loving it's original combinations and slight kick. 


This part time business is steadily becoming a full time guided journey. Despite the covid 19 epidemic, our company continues to see a bright and prosperous future. We are ever grateful for the support we receive from new and returning customers!

We hope you agree our toffee candy truly is a one of a kind experience!

"It's a party in your mouth!"

No One Else.

Our Candy Is The First Of Its Kind!

 ChrisMix candy is very unique! We have done the research, we are the first company to produce and market the combination of textures and flavors found in our delightful toffee. People agree there is just so much flavor in each bite. Our candy is not overly sweet and sugary. We use organic extracts and emulsions which really give a POW of flavor in your mouth.

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